I’m sure this is great, but I thought I’d offer a contrarian opinion: I’ve been using Apollo daily…
Sacha Greif

Sacha Greif I couldn’t agree more! This post was intended as a deep dive into the technical abilities of Apollo Link, but I want to keep Apollo as easy and simple to use as possible!

In most cases, I think people will be able to use predeveloped links (we will be writing quite a lot) and just pass them to the 2.0 of Apollo Client. Essentially we wanted to extend the possibilities of the core with a new architecture that will allow us, and the community, to pioneer new ideas without making the core client too complex.

With new documentation and a growth of the ecosystem, links should become as easy to use as a react component; just import and include in your project!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I really value your opinion and would love to see if we meet the goal of keeping the 2.0 easy to use while opening up new doors in the GraphQL world.

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