I’ve been the manager with interns before and if your manager isn’t sitting with you and discussing…
scott parsons

A lot of assumptions in your response. So I want to make sure I clarify my approach.

Note: Management styles run the gamut, so if you have another way of mentoring and it is successful, then go ahead! I have worked with awesome leaders who have delivered results in very different ways.

My approach is: Inquire about the work and focus on quality of thought

To me there is a difference between “showing the way” and “learning the way”. I prefer the latter by asking questions about rationale and approach and then course correcting if necessary.

Young designers are smarter, faster and better than ever. They have access to tools and information that weren’t available 10 years ago. The cost of entry is significantly lower. Their craft level (especially with visuals) is next level. But, while they are excelling at aesthetic execution, they are still lacking in the ability to influence strategy through strong rationale.

That is what I focus on.

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