Significance and key sources

The Hebraic worldview offers deep and significant insights that are relevant to all of life. It is foundational to an appropriate hermeneutical perspective of Scripture (the Bible) and thus particularly valuable (read: challenging) for people immersed in modern evangelicalism.

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Scroll of Isaiah from Qumran. Original source:

My own appreciation is indebted to several scholars, whose work I highly recommend.

  • Marvin R. Wilson‘s Our Father Abraham does an excellent job of introducing and explaining the immense value of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the reasons why the schism between Christianity and Judaism is so serious.
  • David H. Stern‘s magnus opus of the Jewish New Testament and accompanying Commentary, together with his “Messianic Jewish Manifesto” provides not only a lively translation, but a profoundly insightful one. …

The meaning and essence of messianic discipleship

Discipleship is a deeply-rooted concept within Christianity

In the modern era, discipleship has been largely eclipsed by congregational, denominational and political priorities. That historical position is being challenged by expressions of Christianity emerging in the Majority World contexts of Africa, Asia, Latin America and, to a certain extent, amongst post-moderns in Western contexts.

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© Florence Sipalla CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

“Disciple” essentially means “learner,” however, it implies a form of learning that is lived out in disciplined practice, rather than being merely creedal. I believe a revival of the centrality of discipleship will continue to shape, challenge and redefine how we understand Christian faith, throughout the next few decades.

Messianic discipleship is a form of learning centred around the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus, the Christ). Yeshua’s resurrected presence is experienced by receiving his Spirit. Through the Spirit, God’s covenant community is transformed into a charismatic community. A group of people endowed with spiritual gifts profoundly shaped to liberate human beings from idolatry and the allegiances and falsehoods that compete against the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 10:3–5). …

Life has a way of inviting us to adapt.

We prefer to control. But life invites us to adapt, amidst environments that cannot be controlled.

The strange and wonderful thing is, as we relinquish false ideas about what is worthwhile in life — based on false ideas about what it is possible to control — we encounter pathways to renewal that were previously invisible, or simply impossible to countenance.

The way down

In the year or so after I completed my doctorate, in 2012, I knew something was awry. I just didn’t realise what and by how much!

I thought I was ready for one thing, Life began to invite me to consider the need for something else entirely. What that would turn out to be is a renaissance — a revival or renewalthough for long periods it felt like anything but! …

Strenuous 12 mile circular

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Route elevation

A breathtaking 11.5 mile circuit incorporating four of southern Britains’ highest mountain peaks. The walk begins from a car park in the Taf Fechan Forest. A steep ascent up to the ridge of Graig Fan Ddu (642m), which leads directly towards the peak of Corn Du (873m).

GPS route map, recorded during walk
GPS route map, recorded during walk
GPS route mapping, recorded during walk

Pen y Fan (886m) follows shortly afterwards, before a significant drop down Craig Cwm Sere and the second steep ascent of the day, up to Cribyn (795m), which offers superb views of the steep eastern side of Pen y Fan — which can be obscured within an instant by cloud blowing in from Cwm Sere (see photo sequence). …

Father: May the rumination of our hearts,
Enter into the rumination of your heart.

May the gentle waves of discernment,
Elicited by falling pebbles of heavenly revelation,
Dropping into our spirits,
Form in us an Abundance of Life.

May the wounds of our past,
Now dressed and healed by your gentle renewal
Prove the very basis
Of our own gentle touch
As we reach out to a wounded humanity.

May the passionate prayers
That once welled up in tearful angst and fearful request
Now come home to us
In fresh expressions
Of hope and faith and love.

Grade A. 7 miles.

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Bristly Ridge : Circular Route : OS Explorer
Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Weather: Cloudy, intermittent sunshine, gusty winds. Route summary: From Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. Up the Miner’s Track. Across Glyder Fach, via Bristly Ridge. Across Castell-y-Gwyllt, Glyder Fawr. Down to Pen-y-pass, via Cwmffynon. Start: OS Grid Ref: SH 661 559. Latitude: 53º 5' 1" N Longitude: 4º 0' 1" W. Elevation: Start 900 ft. Highest 3284 ft. Ascent 4375 ft.
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Route elevation

Bristly Ridge is a grade 1 scramble, located on the north side of Glyder Fach, a mountain in Snowdonia, north-west Wales, the second highest of the Glyderau and sixth highest peak in Wales.

After parking on the A498 road, adjacent to Llyn Pen-y-Gwryd, the route begins by crossing an elevated wooden stile. (All distances are relative to this start-point.) Shortly afterwards, the route traverses a footbridge over a stream. The Miner’s Track then ascends along the line of a dry-stone wall. After half to two-thirds of a mile, at the 410m contour (1358ft), a stile carries the path over another dry-stone wall. …

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Imagine a narrow winding pathway, stretching off into the distance. The sides of the pathway are steep and slippery. On one side of the path is an uneven, marshy bog, on the other a dry, sandy desert. From either it is evidently difficult to escape, once trapped in one or another.

The bog

The boggy morass to the one side is ruled by powers hostile to God. These Powers exercise an intrustive level of control in the lives of those who live under their influence. They pursue a range of agendas to which they demand allegiance. …

Grade C+. 9 miles

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Route : 9.2mi. OS Explorer
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2015. Weather: Wind, rain, fog.
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Context : OS Landrager

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Image courtesy

Or why Mauricio Pochettino won’t be leaving Spurs for Chelsea, Man United or any other team for at least two years—and possibly much longer…

This is a story about legacy. Some understand it, some don’t. Building a personal brand isn’t about legacy. Legacy is about something bigger than self. It long outlasts the individual and does so by design.

It’s questionable whether Roman Abramovitch understands legacy. José Mourinho surely wanted to build one at Chelsea, but look how that turned out. Arsene Wenger has seemingly created one at Arsenal, with eighteen unbroken years in the Champions League. Yet its questionable whether it's a legacy that others, including a large section of the fan-base, have really brought into. Bill Shankly was the archetypal legacy-builder, at Liverpool FC. Alex Ferguson certainly understood the principle. …


J. Benham Clements

Author and developer of ‘Maize Plant Discipleship’ syllabus and resources. Missionary. Writer. Hillwalker. Birdwatcher. Spurs fan.

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