I’m also an educator.
Pauli Sommer

Over the past 7 years or so, I have experienced a considerable amount of stress as a result of excessive and inappropriate noise from a public house, across the road from my home (sanctuary). Because I am highly sensitive to noise, I noticed it much more than others did. The sense of impotence, frustration and injustice was at times severe. Authorities were involved at my request and some changes to the licensing conditions were eventually made. In practice, it’s made little difference. I may have another go, if I can summon the energy. My main strategy is to instal sound-reducing glazing, which is going to be expensive, but I hope worthwhile.

I cannot begin to imagine, therefore, how you must feel, emotionally, as well as the physical symptoms you’ve described.

I have long felt tremendously sad for householders, like yourself, who have been treated in this way by monolithic industrial and political forces. I do not doubt the veracity of the conditions you describe. My understanding is that presently there may be more progress in recognising it amongst Australian authorities than elsewhere. Others typically turn a blind eye, although British MP, David Davies, recently stood up for a couple in his constituency, over exactly this issue and my recollection (unverified) is that they reached a significant out of court settlement. Might the law represent an avenue you could consider, I wonder?

If I can help in pointing you towards other campaigning sources and, or articles of interest, please let me know. My only other thought is to encourage you not to continue your journey alone. Through no fault of your own, you have been thrust into the midst of one of the great, but largely silent, injustices of the Western world. And it is a tightrope walk between simply bearing up under it all and actively opposing it.

I hope and pray that you find a satisfactory way forward, Pauli.