When I read your piece, it occurred to me that this issue; this intransigence; these atrocities, need to be the focus of a body of people whose mission it is to bring the conversation of industrial wind turbines as a climate change mitigation effort, to a scientific, ethical and spiritual level of clarity that would force the realization that collectively we can do better.
I’m so grateful for your thoughtful response, John.
Pauli Sommer

This strikes a chord in me. I’ve thought for some time that a meta-level of coordination is sorely needed. A nexus linking together the various effected bodies.

I am also struck by your determination to use both your own human stories and the appropriate socio-political processes and protocols. It reminds me of the ethics of the civil rights movements and their strategic choice of non-violence, in particular.

I confess, that like those struggles, it may suggest a long journey ahead. Which is painful to contemplate, when you feel you need immediate relief. Yet what those struggles also teach us is that by not giving in to the temptation to de-humanise ourselves – by stooping to violence (of any kind, including spiritual, which is to say, manipulation, domination and intimidation – all the weapons being used against victims) – our own humanity and dignity is preserved.

I sense that in your leadership towards your community, @Pauli Sommer, this is what you are striving to achieve.

I stand with you, in the hope that, one day, this dam of injustice and wilful blindness, for the sake of greed and ideology, will be overcome and break.