Not really.
Aleksandr Bulkin

I guess I need to study more. I thought miners were in competition to discover a ‘correct solution’ and the first to reach the correct solution won the competition. By simply going for the ‘hardest’ solution, it sounds like the competition is to see who can work the hardest. Rather than who can validate the transaction the quickest.

If the object is to validate a transaction then then there has to be some criteria of what is valid and what isn’t? I’ll go back to the drawing board, I think I’ve misunderstood something essential along the way.

That’s the problem with dumbed down explanations. Thanks for getting back to me though. I keep thinking I’ve got it and then it slips away again. It feels like I’m confusing proof of work and proof of state. I’ve barely grasped either just now so I won’t take up anymore of your time. Thanks again, I’ll mull over your article again and response. :-)

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