More than 40% of women are changing their procreational plans

In late winter of 2020, when quarantine still seemed like it would last just long enough to binge The Crown, Americans busied themselves with making masks, sourdough, and — many joked — babies.

Fast-forward to summer, however, and the bloom was off the rose. In June, digital health clinic Nurx…

Balance your need to sweat and stay centered

These bodyweight moves improve not just your strength but also your coordination, balance, and flexibility. And because they’re bookended by two-minute meditations, you’ll enter and exit with a clear mind.

The first meditation allows you to “clear out some space and get ready to focus on your workout,” says Holly…

Maintain your strength and your distance

Maybe you live in an apartment complex and don’t dare jump rope or slam down a heavy weight. Maybe you wore your one pair of sneakers to go for a run and don’t want to wear them indoors. Or maybe you just want a low-fuss way to get stronger or…

A pair of running shoes and a small house inside a fishbowl.

How to keep moving when you can’t go very far

If you live in a denser area, it might not be easy to walk, run, or bike while maintaining a safe distance from others right now. (Or maybe you’re just used to relying on a treadmill at your now-closed gym for your cardio needs.) So how can you get your…

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