The first punch against Procrastination

The thing is: procrastination is seen as this concept that’s fun and social media has overused the word to the point of softening it. THIS is procrastination. THIS is also me attempting to defeat it. It is not merely a stoppage, a break. It is fear, shear terrible fear of failure and overstimulation, it has stopped me from many a potential success but it has also saved me. Suprising, I know but without it, I wouldn’t have paused. I wouldn’t have stopped to smell the roses, to actually LIVE in a new city I had moved to, to realize what my choices were with my career before I took a leap of faith…a leap to fight against the fear…well let’s not be dramatic, it’s more like a punch and it starts with this piece. A middle finger to procrastinating writing. This one was for me but I’ll write more for you too.

I'm a doctor, well I used to be now I procrastinate, work on Clinical Research and write about my feelings so I don't forget them.