On the days I’m defeated,
The days I’m bloodied, weak and tired
Exhausted even
The "I love you"s come easy
Days where the sun has filed my edges, curved
The stress has penetrated my heart
It’s almost easy to forget
That there was a time of nothing to respond to
I will always love her
She is my flesh
Most of all I am hers
It’s just easier to say when all our hurt and pain
Given and received
Is put in a canister and buried in life’s strife

The thing is: procrastination is seen as this concept that’s fun and social media has overused the word to the point of softening it. THIS is procrastination. THIS is also me attempting to defeat it. It is not merely a stoppage, a break. It is fear, shear terrible fear of…

Jonathan Bogale-Demissie

I'm a doctor, well I used to be now I procrastinate, work on Clinical Research and write about my feelings so I don't forget them.

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