Marriage is the Hefty Bag You’ll Use to Bury Your Heart in the Woods

For thirty-five years I have shared my life with a most amazing woman. Neither of us are the same person that walked the aisle together, but we have supported and encouraged each other through the changes. We have tried new things together, we’ve cherished some of the old things. Life without her sounds so empty.

Some may think marriage is a form of death…something to be avoided. Perhaps a part of you does die, think of pruning a rose bush, old growth making way for new blooms. Marriage is not about doing the things you’ve always done but with another person. Marriage is about change and growth. Marriage is a multiplier, together we are able to do so much more.

Any two people can live together, sleep together. That is not what marriage is about. Marriage is our commitment to each other, our trust in each other, our love for each other.

Nothing compares to waking up in the morning next to the person who has shared the road with you for 35 years. Only with her, am I truly free to be myself.

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