Tell Me More About How Much You Hate Millennials, You Old Fart
Ellie Guzman

Fantastic article Ellie! I definitely agree with you, although I would like to add a few comments to what you’ve said above!

I myself am born in the 90’s as well, I will be the first to admit I was privileged and still am very lucky with my parents help. Yes I went to college, yes my parents had enough money to pay for my schooling (I did help though with my job during college!). I definitely agree that too many people complain us younger “millennials” are just generally LAZY and need to “TRY HARDER” because we have it easy. In a sense, I do agree that millennials can be very lazy but in situations where you may not have enough funds, in a disadvantaged position (whatever that may be) to get out of school debt free that they think the solution is to just “TRY HARDER” really people seem to completely fail to see that point and/or are oblivious to it.

What really pisses me off and makes me see red is the fact that…someone may come up to me and say something along the lines of “be thankful for your job, you get paid well, you should just be happy you have a job” “In my time I actually had to work hard for my job”. Now hold the fuck on for one second, yes I have a job, yes I may not work 80 hour weeks (Personally, I like my free time and dont want to dedicate 100% of my free time to working for money BECAUSE that is an option for me). But I like to think that I do a good fucking job, at my job.

I do currently I have a job and yes I work hard for it and put great effort into ensuring I am doing proper and good work for my employer. I get my job done, I do my work on time and do it to the best of my ability.

It really grinds my gears that people feel need to still re-enforce the essence of what your saying. That us millennials “dont work hard enough” or just because I dont put 80+ hours a week into my job (I dont NEED to because I am efficient and organized, generally…..).

If you dont have a job its “just work harder”. If you have a job its just “You dont work HARD ENOUGH!”.

In the end people just want to complain about others situations.

Long winded but I had to get that out! Great article, cant wait to read more from you and I love your articles!