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This week in studio we worked on designing a smart car interface. We wanted to make an interface that works for all types of users. So to begin we brainstormed many possible users and cars these users would drive. The users were then categorized into user groups. Teams then selected certain users to build an interface for. The group that my team selected were commuters for work. So we brainstormed many activities that the user would use the car interface, and then selected one activity. The activity my team selected was using the GPS. Our team then drew a scenario of the commuter using the GPS function. We then mapped out the interaction flow and drew the interactions sketches of our GPS.

Interaction Flow for commuters
User Interface Screens

I enjoyed the Studio session because it gave a quick look into the process of interaction design. In studio we only were able to tackle one user of the car interface, it would be interesting designing a devices for more than one user. I believe this process would be easier if we were able to collect user research in the future.

I believe that the studio session taught me many techniques that I can apply in the future. I learned about brainstorming in a group. This allowed for myself and the group to share many ideas. This improved our overall collaboration. This also showed us the process of mapping our design elements, which I can see myself applying in the future, such as when starting a large project or assignment.

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