Snapchat Just Introduced Link Sharing, Voice Filters and Backdrops

It’s finally happening everyone! Snapchat is actually allowing you to post links to whatever your heart desires and for once it’s Snapchat’s turn to copy Instagram. Once you update Snapchat in the app store you will see a new side bar with loads of new features.

Now I’m not going to downplay the voice filters and backdrops, but the idea of people sharing links to their Snapchat audience was always a bit of a myth. Many social experts thought it would happen eventually, but just not this soon. Now all the marketers that are saying things like, “Isn’t Snapchat just for sending nudes?!” might be retracing their steps. Go ahead and watch their handy little video they made below.

So it looks pretty easy, right? Just copy and paste that link. Now what’s the best copy to use? Well you can do one of two things. The first can be a more organic feel. Maybe film yourself talking about the article you are wanting your followers to see, and point below for them to swipe up. Throw some text to really jazz it up and get that click.

Now your second option is to make the creative like I did on mine (if you’re reading this and not following me my username is jbensonian). You can go as crazy as you want to get your audience to view the article, but I try to go with a minimalistic way so your don’t alienate your viewers. Remember this is a new thing and you don’t want to scare your followers. Lastly, the most important thing is to remember as long as you bring value to your audience they will trust your links and you’ll win at Snapchat!