Concerts Through a Lens

Fifth Harmony concerts (2015)
Ariana Grande concert (2016) and Miley Cyrus concert (2014)

Concerts have always been a fairly common past-time. There really is nothing like seeing your favorite artists sing your favorite song right in front of you. However, with the new accessible technology, the concert experience is not what is used to be. Cellphones and cameras are now essential personal items for concerts. The typical reasoning for this being that you want to take pictures of the concert you’re going to so that other people know you are at that concert which, hopefully, will make them jealous. In order to achieve this goal, many fans spend most of the concert with their phones or cameras held straight up, in hopes of taking the perfect picture. As presented in the pictures above, other people’s phones end up blocking your view, which, ironically, makes the pictures you take less desirable.

As an experienced concert-goer myself, I have realized that the more pictures you take, the less memories you make. I think back to all of the concerts I went to and for the majority of them, the only thought that comes to mind is the memory of a picture I took or a video I recorded. If you are watching the concert through a lens, that’s how you will remember it. I would recommend that for your next concert, take 5 or 6 pictures and then put your phone away. Trust me, being able to think back to an unforgettable night beats scrolling through your pictures any day.

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