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How do you decide who to vote for? I see three ways people are deciding: policy, team loyalty, and trust.

Rational Papers Posts are directed at the group I call the deciders: conservatives, moderates, undecided, and third-party voters considering their choices in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Choosing based on policy

In a traditional election, policy is the deciding factor. Voters determine who they feel will be a better choice for the economy, health care, taxes, foreign policy, and the like.

This is what was behind the James Carville 1992 quote suggesting that the election between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush was about “the economy, stupid.” His perspective was that voters who felt the country was doing well would vote for Bush, and those who felt it was doing poorly would vote for a change: that is, for Bill Clinton. …


Josh Bernoff

Bestselling author of “Writing Without Bullshit.” Follow me at bernoff.com.

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