Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

Wow! Such hate and vitriol. Do you always just attack and only see one side of an equation? I sympathize with those that qualify for food stamps, but I do also understand the frustration of the man who was angry that his tax dollars are paying for someone else’s food.

Did you look into the background of the man who was angry? My guess is not, based on the “Fox news’ campfire slam. It’s limousine liberals like yourself that make conservatives like me angry. I grew up poor also. We ate mayonnaise sandwiches. We didn’t have luxuries either, but I also learned to stay off food stamps.

When you posted this idiocy: ‘ I’ve been on food stamps. The government doesn’t hand out wads of cash. When you qualify for food stamps you receive a plastic grocery card that only works for food transactions.’

Sure it does, but they can also be sold. I know many people that sold their EBT cards to corner stores whose proprietors would use them to buy staples to sell in their stores. The going rate is 50 cents on the dollar. It’s more widespread than you think it is. The reason? Drugs. Heroin is a bad bad thing and heroin addicts are a prime source for getting EBT cards. You should get out more into the poor neighborhoods and learn what REAL life is like. I grew up in one of those and they’re a whole different world than the one you live in.

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