James, this was absolutely brilliant.
David Stepp

Thanks for the kind words, David — much appreciated. Somewhere between the years of herding cats and the general desire to make IT look good for once, I feverishly scribbled this out as my Jerry McGuire Mission Statement to see if we could get the ball rolling.

It pains me to see how agile has been adopted as a new reporting standard instead of the transformative approach that it really is. When managers start plotting story points on a graph, it tends to lead to what I call the “Fill the Bucket” approach instead of delivering actual value. There’s a whole generation of IT management that really needs to cash out their 401k early.

I believe Scrum must be owned by the teams using it, so they can discover their own best way of operating, and ultimately it just becomes a framework that fosters good behavior and the desire to build great software.

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