How fans react when it is their favorite players at the center of attention compare to others.

The media is usually at the center of everything that is happening in the world especially in the athletic department. Athletes who are famous tend to have more attention, and sometimes can be portray as an example to society. Due to their role in society, it is very difficult to believe that they could be responsible for some of their actions. one man in particular is Cristiano Aveiro Ronaldo Dos Santos. He is from Portugal and played for Sporting CP of Portugal during his youth and then moved to Manchester United then to Real Madrid back in 2009, however, he is now playing for Juventus De Turin which is a football club in Italy. This man is the most famous athlete on earth as of right now, even more famous than Lebron James. While Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid back in 2009, he had met a woman in a nightclub in New York. They spent quality time while they were in the club as he invite her to his vip table. later that night, the lady claimed that Ronaldo had invited her to his apartment in New York. She went to his appartment, and they had something consensual happened according to Ronaldo. However, she reported what happened to police the next day but did not give any name of who the person responsible for the incident was according to New York State police. She said that he is to famous and they would never believe her claim that a guy like Ronaldo would do such thing (rape her). The media send the story out recently, and are accusing Ronaldo of raping a woman. His fans everywhere are being interviewed and people who really know him to find out if he would be capable of committing such crime, however, everyoen’s responses has been negative. nobody believe that he can actually commit the crime. I am not arguing that he committed the crime, but i am saying that if it was another least famous athlete or a regular person who was in this postion, they would have easily being persuaded that this less fortunate person could actually commit the crime and would not waste time interviewing people to find background stories and information about him. In other words, the people who are from the ruling class control our perspectives on them.