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Just as I was getting more worked up and saying to myself, “yes, a post about race that isn’t just a moan and actually seeks to find some direction”, then you go and throw in “she chose to be white” right at the end. Aaah man, you were doing so well, but you dismantled your entire point by ending of with such hypocrisy. Wasn’t the entire negative, simplified essence of Apartheid grouping people together based on skin colour and therefore deciding who is better based on this one factor? With that one line you have done the same thing. Don’t you dare group my opinion along with hers simply because we share the same skin colour. Why can’t we point out racists for being racists, and ignorant people for being ignorant or naive for those points and ONLY those points, and make their skin colour irrelevant. Why can’t we focus on enriching the lives of those less fortunate and helping those in need, rather than spend countless hours debating on race? Just make the world a better place, not because you are black/white or rich/poor or whether you are racist or not. Do it because it is the right thing to do. Have some bloody compassion.

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