hope this doesn’t come off as ungrateful
I’m happy that people are fighting the good fight but since I’ve said my piece, responded to one…
Charlene Haparimwi

Do not worry about that at all. All you really need to worry about is you. Do what makes you the happiest. If it’ll bring you more peace of mind to delete it, then by all means, do. I hope you don’t, but it’s not my piece (or peace), it’s yours. Your decision.

Maybe a few people tried reason, and tried to use the power of words to work through it. At some point though, when you find yourself arguing with an immutable force of nature, any reasoning efforts become futile, and the only way to express your distaste is to go rogue. Sometimes it’s cathartic to make someone else feel as shitty as their own sentiments sound. Human beings are not all good or all bad — and if you poke ‘em a little bit, you can often see both sides. Yes ma’am, I like a good Internet argument. It lets me show off both of my sides, the good and the bad, and I get to test the mettle of others. Find allies, and enemies. H. Nemesis Nyx called the guy a fucktard, and it made me laugh. A baser instinct, to be sure, but it’s one we’re all capable of. It’s instant gratification. Me? I chose trollery. It’s still instant gratification but I think it has more panache. It’s more fun for me.

As I said, I’m sorry it’s brought you grief. Sometimes a good old fashioned Internet argument can be a lot of fun, therapeutic even. Sometimes I itch for one, and then I scratch that itch. This was one of those times. It felt good. I’m not sorry for throwing down, but I am sorry if it caused you grief.

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