That said I did gain some folks that are seasoned Medium folks.
What a Day On The Side Rail Taught Me
Elliot Nichols

Haha, this I am not, good sir, did you mean Jennifer Smith? There’s too many Jennifers, we’re everywhere, like Stephanies and Jessicas. No sir, I haven’t been here long. I just try to be as prolific as possible — you’re not wrong about notifications being addictive. I joined Medium at the end of March at the encouragement of my husband, who now wishes I’d put my phone down more. I have a similar story to tell with one of my posts about the Oxford comma.

It’s not indicative of the things I most like to write about, but it is an indicator of my own personal brand of humor.

I’m not sure if I found you through your viral one or R.Dinasky — he linked to one of your stories here, which I now have bookmarked.

At any rate, I’ve found a lot of legit stuff on Medium, I only wish I had more time to read it. Keep producing content though — even if it’s only valuable to some or just to you.

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