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I feel like most people think that all trolling is bad.

Some trolling is absolutely bad (for example, Milo Yiaihavenoideahowtospellhislastname… the famous Twitter troll/flamer).

However, some trolling can be kind of delightful, either for the troll or the trolled or both. For example, when I was big pregnant and on bed rest, my husband figured out he could control our Roku stick with his phone. So one minute I was watching an episode of Friends on Netflix, and the next, I was getting Rick-rolled. He trolled me!

I have never loved him more than I did in that moment.

It was one of those, “Haha, ya got me, you adorable rascal you,” kind of moments where you realize you have the exact same sense of humor as your spouse and you’re fated to be in a gross/weird but loving relationship forever.

It’s a good feeling.