Alright Jennifer, that’s fair (laughing).
Kindra J. F.

Kindra J. F. — I don’t know if you can tell since this is the same response, but I re-hearted it (took it off and put it back). Now I grok you.

Also, it didn’t throw me a notification when you edited your old response. I just happen to be a lurking champion, so I spotted it.

Have you read Aura Wilming’s response? That gave me a lot to ponder, because she’s right, logic and emotion aren’t mutually exclusive. I work around brogrammers (yes, they exist) and they are both logical and emotional, as are we all I guess, it’s just more readily apparent with brogrammers (try asking one an either/or question during fantasy football season).

As for this part:

Your arguer pointed out how culture surrounds nobody telling the truth and truly expressing how they feel (laughing).

Yes, and it was bait. There was so much bait in his response I thought it was a goddamn tackle box for a minute.

I have always been a bit weird and introspective. That is, in part, why I like Medium so much. I get to be weird and introspective out into the void, and the void, Medium, in this case, talks back at me.

So I have considered the fact that he may be right about us “leftists,” even if I don’t like the way he said it or what it implies (that we are not logical and wrong about things).

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