First reaction: Damn straight!
Jack Herlocker

Like I said, it’s kind of squishy. It’s a gray area for me as well. But yeah, I can’t knock the actual ghostwriters — and I wouldn’t say that the ghostwriters are the ones actually reaping the reward. It’s a living for some people like your wife and Kate Stone Matheson. It’s the people they’re doing the writing for that I’m squishy about.

So let me ask you this, Jack: How does your wife feel about remaining uncredited for her work and probably not making near as much as the person she’s ghostwriting for? I mean, a paycheck is a paycheck, so if she doesn’t care — that’s one thing. But if she’s ever felt slighted then that’s different.

I’m about two minutes away from going full-blown Cesar Chavez and SI SE PUEDE-ing all over everything.

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