Yah, Doc Holliday, whatchoo tink?
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Noice. I like it, thanks for the heads up Sonny and Oliver. You are both the wind beneath my wings.

I have a ton of fiction up in my head that I haven’t written down. For instance, I’ve been noodling out a story ‘bout a cranky old time-traveling man that does nothing but bitch about the way things were “back in his day” whenever he reaches a new destination. I dreamed it up while watching the movie Up on repeat with my son this past weekend.

I have no idea about any of the minutiae that comes along with fiction writing for serious, so your thingy could be much help, very writing. I don’t write much fiction, but what I do have is not on Medium. It’s mostly jotted down sloppily on paper.

I get sidetracked way too easily to be any good at any one thing for too long. Currently working on a thing where I shit all over Jared Taylor of the Alt Right movement because of an interview he did on the Diane Rehm show.

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