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Oh no, it’s not on you in any way. You really have nothing to feel sorry about.

If it wasn’t clear before in our talk about trollcraft, I give less than no fucks about people who are being dickbags on the Internet, and my instinct is to be mean to them.

I haven’t really done that to this guy yet. Probably won’t, since talking about it here ruins the surpreeeze.

There is obvious low-hanging fruit. His last name is one letter away from Moron. And then there’s also the confuse and distract approach, which is my personal favorite to employ. I once shut down a neocon rant by talking about muppets.

But me trolling the shit out of this guy won’t actually do any good. It won’t change his mind. As so many others have pointed out, that usually arises from a personal epiphany, a uh, an emotionally life-changing event has to happen or something.

The more I thought about it, the more certain I became that maybe I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. So I guess someone’s mind was changed: Mine.

It led to me ask this question, and I’m surprised (well, not that surprised) at the amount of thoughtful and considered responses.

Medium is (still) a great place.