I’m tired of telling young women to learn coding and chiding them for pursuing liberal arts degrees.
Why Do We Keep Sending Women into the STEM Lion’s Den?

Porque no los dos? Why does just one career path have to be the only one you’ll ever have? I have a liberal arts degree, and I’m employed as a writer, but since I’m in the field of tech, I decided at 31 to learn the Linux command line and start building and systematically breaking my own test boxes just for funzies. (Yes, the dudes in my office get super impressed when I do really simple shit, because some of the people who actually get paid to do this, sometimes can’t manage to do it right. To which I respond, “It’s not that hard. This is just nerd legos.”)

As a tech writer, I’m something of commodity because there’s not that many of us. A quick Google of the phrase ‘tech writer’ will tell you it’s a dying trade. This, I’ve found, is untrue. It’s changing for sure, but I’m a fan of change.

Anyway, because there’s not a lot of people doing what I do in the place that I do it, I make more as a writer right now, than I probably would as an entry-level sys admin with no experience. Supply, meet demand. And I don’t know what either job taps out at, but in thinking about my future, I could do either thing if I so chose, or I could switch gears again and go into neurophysiology or teaching or real estate development if I wanted to. (Although let’s be real, probably not real estate development. I mean, who has that kind of capital?) Point is, I’m not going to limit myself in any way, either by being pigeonholed with gendered career paths or by how many I could potentially have in my lifetime.