Judging by the other comments that I’ve received the majority of people here are trying to vilify my persona and character even though I was only stating what I assumed to be common knowledge.
You seem like a strong and independent woman.
Antonio Kowatsch

The thing was, you stated it as fact, when it was just an opinion. And you said it in a super rude and condescending manner. That’s the thing that got to people. Take another look at what you said.

The only reason why women lie about “having a boyfriend” is because it’s simply more convenient for them. That’s the only reason why. No teenage girl would think that the boy from her class who just asked her out is going to kill her if she tells him that she’s not interested. Please, you need a reality check.

Saying “that’s the only reason why,” doesn’t leave much room for dissenting opinions. A McEnnis is right, everyone has opinions and none of them are 100% correct. Facts, and opinions are often muddled together. What you said was your opinion, what Charlene Haparimwi said was her own.

Saying “please, you need a reality check,” is just flat out rude. The reason you got such strong reactions and I decided to troll you a bit, was because you showed no common decency in your response. It wasn’t so much what you said as how you said it.

People won’t vilify you for being incorrect on here, they will vilify you for bad behavior.

Just don’t be a douchecanoe and we’ll all play nice, savvy?

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