Those photos are of Sikh turbans.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Well shoot H. Nemesis Nyx, I often don’t know what to say when people pay me compliments. Most times I just stand around with my arms awkwardly hanging in the air like Ricky Bobby. This many compliments in a row — I almost can’t handle it, but my ego is lapping it all up. He says hi, and thanks for dinner.

I am mad at my dad too…and I’m confused. I refuse to call him, he wants nothing to do with me, it’s a lose-lose. I can only guess as to why things went all pear shaped.

He’s effectively alienated himself from his only other living family members. He doesn’t speak to his father, his sister, or me. Based on that fact alone, I’m pretty convinced that the problem doesn’t lie with me. It’s with him.

I’m getting over it, little by little. Writing it down helped.

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