Journey to 205: Week 1

Weight as of 1.7.15: 234.5 lbs

Initial Thoughts:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start this on January 1. I started on January 4. Due to the Ducks game on Saturday and the Hawks on Sunday, I knew it was going to be a struggle to stay on track this past weekend (Couldn’t go without Pizza, Beer and of course Fireball when ROYYYCCEEE scored his 3 TDs against TCU).

Eating Right:

Starting on January 4 I came out guns blazing having 2 over medium eggs for breakfast (usually my go-to, so I won’t list it every day), salad for lunch, stuffed peppers from Trader Joes (get a bigger damn parking lot) for dinner and having some healthy snacks in between. That night I made Pulled Chicken Teriyaki, brown rice and broccoli courtesy of one of my favorite sites, I would eat that for lunch and dinner on Tuesday/Wednesday. Thursday was a snack filled day as pictured in the upper right, I was on the go to Seattle for work and knew I wouldn’t have time for a proper lunch so I had a to eat consistently throughout the day. The lady and I made Chicken & Rice Enchilada Casserole as meal prep for Thursday night through Saturday (one goal this week was to not eat out at all).

Confession: I had some Mike & Ike’s and split a soda at a movie

Sunday. The Seahawks game was insane and Blair Walsh pulled a Ray Finkle shanking a kick to end the game. The diet didn’t do so well though, I had some beers and a taco wrap with some sweet potato fries. But hey, had to celebrate the win and a will just have to get after it at the gym in the morning.


Monday: Heavy lifting day (piece of advice, don’t jump into it full bore, develop a routine and work your way up to heavy- The hammies were still sore on Thursday). The workout consisted of Bench, Squat and BentOver rows.

Tuesday: Day off (The go big or go home theory definitely made me go home — Couldn’t move)

Wednesday: Chest (Bench, Incline DB Bench and Cable Flys) followed by Triceps (DB kickbacks, Pulldowns and Skull Crushers)

Thursday: Walked around Green Lake in Seattle, roughly 2.5 miles — Legs still sore from Monday

Friday: Heavy Biceps(EZ Bar Curls, Incline DB Curls, Hammer Curls) and Back(Cable Row and Bent Over DB Row)

Saturday: Walk 1.5 miles around Capitol Lake

Sunday: Rest Day — Seahawks Wild Card Game against the Vikings (Going to be the first test to stick my guns for my diet, gotta make those healthy football snacks)

Week 1 is in the books and overall, I think I’m off to a strong start! Cooked all my own food for the week.



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