Republican Cult Culture

Craven GOP Goons are Mixing Patriotically-Poisoned “Kool Aid.” Who’s Thirsty for Saccharine-Sweet Faith Fuel?

The GOP is run by craven anti-democratic political operatives

The GOP is run by craven anti-democratic political operatives, who shield themselves from public scrutiny by cruelly manipulating America’s FAITH-DRIVEN, self-styled patriots and conservatives — xenophobic culture-warriors so WILLFULLY IGNORANT and PARANOID, that all traditional methods of fact-based persuasion fail to puncture their desperately insular psyches.

Guns, jealous materialism, false-witness Christianity, anti-choice propaganda and fear of “OTHERS” — all present sufficiently inscrutable and nuanced subject matter to propel GENERATIONS of reliably obedient constituents. Never has it been more obvious, that Republican Leadership can EFFORTLESSLY secure party loyalty — without even a modicum of candidate LEGITIMACY.

A shameless lifelong CON MAN offered up as the GOP’s new “great leader” broke every rule, law and political imperative — while orchestrating an overtly fascist campaign of lies and hate.

Today, the NaziPimp POTUS Trump continues the Republican circus of sycophantic cult-worship, while citizens of our United States of American and The World, cry aloud: “Who will stop this terrifyingly narcissistic MADMAN, @realDonaldTrump?”