I’m an Undecided Voter in a Swing State, and I’m Drunk With Power
Devorah Blachor

Devorah: I hear you. yes.

but!… that protest vote ‘allows’. Lets others decide Your society and what it entails. The sense of importance is fallacious: has ‘ego’ fog all over it. Abstention will not ‘affect’ the elected. — or the unelected — thru its protest: they’ll keep going, but it will come back to you, the children, and us in consequences. And those consequences I’m sure you have already have peeked into. So, that self immolation is also ego-loving stuff, that is, unhealthily final, determinant of further isolation from this moment’s present ‘body’ of community. No ‘common-unity’. Further isolation.

Btw, well written voice: I like the way you expressed this, its expression. I’ve had the feeling too, and had to digest it thru. Hope this helps in your process.

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