In South Africa we celebrated freedom day today.

What did we really celebrate today? Freedom? A word that has no value in our world.

To be free is to do what you want. To do what makes you happy, not what other people forces you to do.

Freedom is to say what you want to say. State your opinion. Make your voice be heard.

To be free is the make the choices you need to make. For you. And the freedom to deal with the consequences in your own way on your own time.

To be free is to be who you want to be. Not who your parents, family, friends, religious group or society forces you to be. Being free is being your own person. Loving yourself and loving who you want to love.

The freedom we’re celebrating is false. We will never be free. If we’re all free this world will only know chaos. One word: power. With freedom comes power. Power is a dangerous thing. Power corrupts. Power blows up. Power steals. Power lies. Power destroys.

We’re not free. We will never be free.

J Le Roux. Cape Town. SA

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