Before the GeekOn Event

My participation in the Geekon event began a few months before the event started. I was approached by an engineer on my team, Riccardo Polacci (Frontend Engineer), who was one of the members of the GeekOn committee looking to help in the creation/organization of this event. He told me that he would like to build a small website to allow users to pitch ideas for GeekOn and find other team members to collaborate with.

Riccardo asked if I would be interested in helping to build out the backend API for the website since I spend most of my time building…

What is Wolfhound?

Wolfhound is a Content Management System (CMS) that provides a one-stop solution for Groupon employees to create, edit, and publish pages to the Groupon website. This service is managed by the Merchandising Experience & Intelligence team in the Dublin Groupon office. This CMS tool provides the ability to create a number of different type of pages in Groupon such as:

  • Local pages that are built specifically for SEO which we will talk about later in more detail.
  • Landing pages have a fixed URL that can contain whatever content you choose (deals, text, video, etc). …

Jonathan Blood

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