Marc Kenigsberg Joins Advisory Panel is pleased to announce that Mr. Marc Kenigsberg, industry leading blockchain expert, founder of BlockSmarter and BitcoinChaser has joined our Advisory Panel.

Marc has acted as advisor to highly successful ICO’s and brings industry experience and a deep understanding of the mechanics of blockchain, decentralization and its impact on business.

Asked why he’s selected our project Marc responded “CashBag takes one of the most important consumer incentives and brings it into the 21st century offering instant settlement and micropayments. A platform with an already large and growing user base and entrenched merchant relationships make CashBag a killer app for consumer spending and loyalty.”

Marc is ranked by ICOBench as one of its top 10 Advisors and was was recently voted as one of the top 5 Industry Advisors at the D10E Conference on Decentralization Crypto Royalty Awards alongside other luminaries like Dean Cannell, Richard Ells, Richard Ma & Vitalik Buterin.

Marc was also an early adopter and became involved in Bitcoin in 2013. Like most in the space he’s rooted in digital marketing and has 18 year’s experience in performance and digital marketing and has seen the industry evolve over time, giving him the understanding of our business and how it’s positioned to disrupt the cash back model.

We look forward to his role in moving forward as we launch our Cash Back cryptocurrency token sale on 12 March.

Welcome to the team Marc!