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DUEL | Writing An Action Screenplay

Reading screenplays is one of the best ways to understand and learn filmmaking. Reading a script and watching the film at the same time is even better. In this short video, Jay talks about how watching Steven Spielberg’s TV thriller “Duel” and reading the script alongside it can teach you a lot about directing and writing action.

Writing Prompt ft Emily Grew

We all get stuck for ideas and ideas are essential to filmmaking and creating stories. If you’re stuck for a new story or are experiencing writer’s block, why not join along in this quiet writing session with Jay and Emily, as they try writing their own thoughts to different prompts. The video features a writing prompt and gives you some time to sit and jot down a storyline. You never know what it might spark.

Framing and Composition

In this video Jay talks about how framing is subjective and rather than relating the rules of framing, she gets you to think about how framing affects the story and mood of your shot.

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