This piece was originally written in the Summer of ’17 but sat shelved since. Today is my one year anniversary for jazz piano lessons, so finally dusting it off and putting it out there… enjoy!

CEO of thriving New York City company on the heels of its biggest project yet. Father of two young baby girls, 7and (almost!) …

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Launching the day after the 2016 Presidential election, the final iteration of Summit at Sea started off heavy, to say the very least. Let’s call it mass confusion — the typically vibrant and positive Summit community was heavy hearted, tears welling up in nearly every eye, and long, extended hugs as we mourned for what had just happened the night before.

After the incredibly inspiring opening plenary, things quickly took a turn towards the positive as we were reminded that we’ve collectively chosen this, and as a room full of bright imaginal cells, it is indeed now our time to fly millions of butterfly wings from the goop. …

If we are going to evolve, we need to deploy more evolved language. Often we need to Trojan Horse our language so we can make change without friction. It’s the responsibility of the evolved.

We need to drop the idea of Global Warming and/or Climate Change.

Not because they aren’t true, but because they are simply too loaded, meaningless, divisive and most importantly — not necessary. …


Justin Bolognino

Founder/CEO of @metabeyond + @unreality_is @silentgfarms (IG) // Synchronicity Architect // Creative Director // Musician

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