The Love Extremist 💜

Launching the day after the 2016 Presidential election, the final iteration of Summit at Sea started off heavy, to say the very least. Let’s call it mass confusion — the typically vibrant and positive Summit community was heavy hearted, tears welling up in nearly every eye, and long, extended hugs as we mourned for what had just happened the night before.

After the incredibly inspiring opening plenary, things quickly took a turn towards the positive as we were reminded that we’ve collectively chosen this, and as a room full of bright imaginal cells, it is indeed now our time to fly millions of butterfly wings from the goop.

That night as I explored the seemingly endless maze of ship, something extraordinary happened… I met an angel.

Waiting for elevators at Summit at Sea is a time honored tradition, and always a great place to meet new humans. This fateful night, as I waited, one elevator shaft seemed to rumble from below, getting louder as it came up. The doors opened to reveal a raucous, celebratory crew singing at the top of their lungs.

I’d found my ride.

At the center of the fun was my old friend Reyna, alongside a man I felt like I’ve always known, yet had never met before. A kind-eyed, guitar strumming red headed man improvising with all his heart to delightful effect, I instantly made a life friend. We spent about three straight hours making raucous music on the up, and on the down. It was easily the most inspiring three hours of the weekend for me. We turned a lot of people on scoring their trips in an elevator.

The angel’s name is Ethan Lipsitz, and he is a Love Extremist.

Pardon me — the Love Extremist-est.

This is a man who brings pure Love and Joy and Heart into everything he touches. Who writes odes to empathy and musical poems with nothing but heart and soul. And last year, as a country mourned for its future, Ethan went out and started the Love Extremist movement. With a simple small pin, each meant to be given away as a gift to other Love Extremests, one by one spreading the reminder that we must each learn to harness the Yin to the Fear Yang. Let us not forget the opposit of Love is not hate, but fear.

When the seemingly terrifying news posted this week that this Angel of had a sudden seizure, it comes with little surprise the he’s openly optimistic of what turned out to be a major tumor in his wonderous brain, with surgery to come tomorrow morning. Where there is no fear, there is Love.

While most would panic with freight, Ethan is as bright as ever, seeing this is yet the next challenge in the game we call life.

How inspiring can you get? What we need most right now is Love Extremism pure and simple.

So tomorrow morning at 8am EST, I want each and everyone of you who reads this letter (Please share!!!) to fucking LOVE AS EXTREMELY AS YOU’VE EVER LOVED, and like a nuclear laser beam firing from your chest, turn your Heart towards Boston and firehose your LOVE to our boy.


Love You Ethan. See you real soon.


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