Is technology destroying Film?

At first glance it’s easier to say that technology is stripping away from film what makes it what it is. After all most films aren’t actually recorded on film anymore. With the advent of digital date and massive amounts of data storage it would seem that film gets the boot. Also keeping in mind that 3D was an early (and somewhat bad) gimmick, but has progressed to a over used better gimmick these days. It would seem as though spectacle has overtaken the importance of quality content.


Technology has had amazing developments and positive outcomes for film. For example green-screen techniques and software have dramatically increased giving film makers the ability to do things and put characters in location never imagined, in fact it is so real you probably haven't noticed that most backgrounds of TV shows and films are in fact small sets built on a green-screen surrounding it. Even easy locations like city streets are often subbed out for green-screen because the fact is that the cost, preparation, legal requirements and effort are all far less and easier using green screen, and the beauty is that audiences can’t even tell the difference.

As for me as a film maker, If you have read my other blogs you will know that what is most important to me in film making is immersion, you may have noticed that i have a fascination with future technology. Personally i would love as a film maker AND an audience member if films are one day integrated with virtual reality for a fully immersive experience. A good example of this would be the completely first person film “Hardcore Henry”.

I have no doubt that technology has not killed film, and if anything opens new doors to new ideas and experiences, but time can only tell when and how.