The Beauty of Spectacle
Jaden Bowen

Some interesting points raised.

To play devils advocate i would put to you the question of; despite the fact that a cash cow movie franchise such as transformers makes millions, does that make it a success and a win for the film industry and the fundamental ideas of “good”films? or just a win for the people investing money wanting to make loads of money in return, with no regards to whether the film has meaning or substance? just a thought.

Also i would detest your argument on the idea that movies like avatar and Jurassic park are only good films BECAUSE of the use of the new age technology available to them, i believe it is a big part and contributes heavily but i believe that the narrative and concepts are plenty good enough to still be decent given the right circumstances. Take ‘Avatar’ for example, which is an almost identical clone of films such as ‘Fern Gully’ and ‘Pocahontas’ (granted they are animated.) and from what i have heard ‘Dances With Wolves’, which i have not seen, so do not quote me on that. These films did not have the fancy technology that James Cameron did but still the subject matter and narrative is enough to make a good film, enough to match ‘Avatar’ in the money that it made? but i believe that the technology aids the quality as apposed to being it.

I agree heavily with your ending statement though. Many exciting things to come in the future.

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