The audience member in me

Personally for me, nothing beats the big screen. Although I recognize convenience of the new wave of film and television designated streaming sites and apps such as Netflix, I believe that film was and always will be made for the movie theaters.

As I scratch my brain trying to analyse why, it always comes down to immersion for me. Nothing gets me more excited, engaged and thrilled than being sucked into the world that has been created for me to experience. Almost all of the aspects of Cinemas are made to reinforce this, the booming surround sound that shakes the ground, the massive screen that takes up almost all of your visibility range, and the darkness that almost eliminates all other possibilities and realities besides the one you are sucked into. That being said I am quite fond with sitting in a room with friends enjoying a good (or bad) movie, poking fun and laughing, being obnoxious without worrying about disturbing others or having to necessarily commit to the moment and immersion.

I think about a notoriously bad movie like ‘The Room’ by Tommy Wiseau, the thought of watching it on the big screen and trying to engage and feel immersed in a serious and polite way makes my brain want to bleed. (Unless of course it is shown in jest and play, which I have heard happens) the more I consider the thought, the more it screams to me that context is vital and shapes how we feel and why we want to feel it.

As an audience we choose how we want to feel, by choosing the medium that suits that desire best. Speaking of which, I think that when I finish this I’ll curl up in bed and watch Netflix.

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