When it comes to applying for a job there is a distinction between going for a random job for money, and applying for a dream fulfilling career.

Now there are three kinds of people. There are those who commit to there efforts and go full 100% effort in every job they apply for (despite whether it is something they are wanting long time). Those that reserve there full effort for the jobs they hold to a higher standard. And thos who are lackluster in general.

So what’s the difference? the difference is paramount. How you approach your interview and interviewer is not only important, it’s crucial, the deciding factor. Employers aren’t stupid, they’ve read your resume and if the job only depended on your experiences there would be no need for the interview.

Your personality, your YOU is the deciding factor. The truth is many will have your level of experience, but no one else has your personality .

Of course i’m not saying you go waltzing in full relax mode cracking jokes and asking if they want a casual bevvy. But if you want to impress them you need to shine brighter than everyone else.

I have always Known that there are valuable tips for applying for jobs

Do your research on the company and the job

Be confident

Sell yourself

But after reading this blog;

It seems that there are plenty more ways to not only improve your chance of successfully getting the job, but also creating a noticeable identity that you can market and sell.

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