Well, that was odd.

One minute, my Spotify account is playing through the Amazon Echo. We’ve settled on one of the lovely soothing Discover Weekly playlists I’ve come to enjoy. Volume set to 5, as we were post-meal and bustling around the kitchen. 5 is damned near loud for us.

Suddenly, the music changes, skipping quickly among — as it turned out — four different playlists, settling on a Beastie Boys song. This is not one of the featured tunes on my soothing playlist. Then the device’s volume is cranked to 10.

Neither of us were near a phone, neither of us were near the Echo device. I see later that I an album I didn’t want has been ‘saved’ to my Spotify account, and I’ve subscribed to two Punk playlists. This happened within the space of ten seconds, an unseen and unwelcome (and I’m guessing automated) DJ suddenly commandeering my music experience.

2017 is an interesting year already. I don’t need this level of trolling entertainment.

If anyone has any clue what just happened, I’m all ears. My Echo, alas, sits unplugged for now. Passwords changed. But now my devices and I sit quiet. Eyeing one another suspiciously under a full moon.