Rituals for Writers

Inspiration, Moods, and Time

How do I come up with ideas?

This is a question that comes up very often for aspiring writers or people curious about the craft. I, for one, have been writing for a long time. For the longest time I couldn’t say I had a method to my madness. The idea would come to me, brought on by some random stimuli. This was also a downfall of mine. My writing would be very sporadic. Other times the inspiration would leave me before it could get fleshed out. Being exhausted from school or work would also drain me from ever getting to the page. By that time it was way too late for that idea. I’ve tried writing the idea down but if I didn’t write enough in the short time that I had the idea, it was gone.

I was able to remedy this problem by looking at art. This is my new method of creativity. My genre of choice is science fiction and there is no shortage of science fiction artwork on Google. Simply type in a trope or common theme that you particularly like to write about and you’ll find inspiration. This also is a good way to challenge yourself. You can write about anything and I challenge you to try any kind of genre once.

How do I get in the mood to write?

Everyone who writes, has a ritual. The ritual is important to get in the mood. Some people prefer to write at a desk, out in public surrounded by people (shudder) or in their living room. Wherever is fine, as long as you’re comfortable. A lot of people have a preferred pen or pencil they like to use. Drinks and snacks are a thing too. Whatever works for you. My ritual involves getting coffee and listening to something mind numbing. Something that you enjoy and won’t distract you. In my case, I enjoy metal or movie soundtracks. Interstellar has a great soundtrack to write to. I changed up my ritual by moving from my office to my living room. I had a bad tendency to get distracted in my office recently. I still return to it because I like to write on my desk. It helps my hand writing dramatically.

How do I make time to write?

This one is tough. Everyone is busy or tired and when they have free time, they use it for something besides writing. Let’s face it, the world is not perfect for writers. The lifestyle of a writer is not what is shown in movies but remains the job of choice for a lot movies. All writers are different. I am a writer who is also a full time husband, father, and part time carpenter to pay the bills.

To answer the question, you have to make time for it. There is no other way to do it. Sit down and write. Until I made this commitment, I did not make any progress.

Writing is something that some people do and everyone does differently. Everyone has their own method or ritual that helps them be unique. If it works for you, then do it. Let me know what your rituals, methods, and inspirations are. Who knows maybe it’ll help some else.

Hope you enjoyed the little view into my life. If you did, hit that little heart button and check out my other posts. Any encouragement is GREATLY appreciated.

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