The media works hard on behalf of the terrorists, spreading their messages of fear far and wide. With such a limited budget, terrorists could never reach every family in America, but thanks to the free help from American media, now they can.
How a Corrupt Media Spreads Terror and Three Ways to Stop It
Chad Grills

Great article, Chad. You’ve articulated so well what I’ve lamented for a long time.

As others have commented, I appreciated your suggestions on how we can help end the mainstream media’s spread of terror.

Your article also made me think of two incidents where the victims’ and community responses help shut down the “promoting” of a tragedy: Shooting at Chardon High “At sentencing the judge wondered whether he did it to make a name for himself. So the community asked us to keep his name and his face out of this. And we have;” and the killing of Amish schoolgirls in 2006. The Amish forgave the shooter, supported his widow and children, and refused to appear on camera to talk about the killings.

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