Craftsmanship in Marrakech City

Let’s introduce you to the handicraft world of Marrakech city …

I’m Jihane a young woman from Morocco, North Africa. As a child I used to live with my family in Marrakech Old Town, also known as La Médina. I can say that I’m very familiar with the traditional way of living, simplicity and diversity. Yes diversity, when the city you live in is a worldwide tourism destination. Marrakech is maybe why people who live in the other side of the planet know Morocco, this very unique piece of earth has something special to give to people coming from all over the world, there’s no low season in here, the sun always shows up, the air is pure and clean cause the city is near to the Atlas Mountains (Maybe I should publsih my next article about Craftmanship in the Atlas Mountains Valleys). In addition to the beautiful weather, the city is famous from its craftsmanship.

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From “Souk Essemarine” in la Médina, Marrakech Old Town

Now, let’s talk about Craftmanship, the article main topic. Artisans in Marrakech are true lovers, who give all what they have from their souls to their fingers to create the Handicraft you want to buy for yourself or for you beloved ones, but believe me, the transaction is the last little step after a long process, most of the time Artisans still create their handcrafted items while giving their energy, focus and very personal feelings cause they work using their hands and fingers, their bodies touch and connect to the item and by the end of the day a single Artisan who fabrics for example a “Babouche” (a heelless slipper, typically in the moroccan & oriental style) comes up with 4 pairs but no single pair looks excatly like the other even if it’s the same reference, but different variations will always exist. This is the magic and beauty of the handmade and Moroccan Artisans offer this kind of customer experience.

Here’s some good places you can explore or mayebe shop from while you’re in town.

“Craft Complexe” (Mohammed V Avenue). This place offers a variety of stores, segmented by the materiel used.

“Souk Essemarine” in La Médina.

“Riad Zitoun” in La Médina.

“Errahba Lekdima square” in La Médina

This 4 places surround The famous “Jemaa El Fna Square”, a Moroccan heritage and a Marketplace inscribed in 2008 on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO.

“The spectacle of Jamaa el Fna is repeated daily and each day it is different. Everything changes — voices, sounds, gestures, the public which sees, listens, smells, tastes, touches. The oral tradition is framed by one much vaster — that we can call intangible. The Square, as a physical space, shelters a rich oral and intangible tradition.” Juan Goytisolo, in a speech delivered at the opening meeting for the First Proclamation, 15 May 2001.

Jihane Boumediane.

Written by

Inspired by nature & people, I speak from my hearts & I hope I can touch yours.

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