A step inside my room

As you enter my room you are greeted by an old wooden door with white chipped painting.

It has a silver door handle on the left center side, giving it that perfect rustic finish.

There are square cinnamon wooden floors set down like tiles, with a high gloss finish.

This compliments the 2 tone pastel green wall, which gives one such a calming effect.

When inside my room the first thing you see is my big white study table.

It is perfect for the less than average height person, with the adjustable see-through chair placed perfectly between its legs for pure comfort.

Just above the table is a big chalkboard and many post it notes all around it with tasks and notes for the week.

There are small crystal gems placed randomly along the burglar bars on a big window on the far end of the room.

When the sun shines through the view is beautiful, reflecting off slight colours of the rainbow.

There is a orange and tan couch placed perfectly against the wall under the window with fluffy green pillows which seem to bring the couch to life.

When you lift the center seat of the couch there is storage space in the base of the couch which ofcause really comes in handy.

Directly opposite the window are big bold white cupboards, that go as far as the ceiling, right down to the floor and right across the room leaving a good deal of different size cupboard space for everything to fit in.

Against the center wall lies my double bed with fresh snow white linen and lots of pillows making it hard to not want to lay down.

Directly infront of the bed is a long burnt oak table that looks like a bark of a tree in the woods. It has a high white lamp on it with a few books ready to be read.

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