Lets Go Love

Lets go love is about a couple that are in their early 20’s and have been dating for 10 years. They have the discussion about marriage and children as after dating for this long, they would need to make a new step, well atleast society says you should. One day out of the blue, the lady tells her partner that she doesn’t want to get married just yet and she is not ready to pop out many babies. She says that her dream is to first travel to seventy five different countires before she takes on the new role as a mother and wife. The guy is so releifedbecause he feels the same. They then take their live savings and sell everything they own. They travel to many different countries and kept record of this on their social media accounts with a hash tag ‘lets go love’ at every new destination. Eventually the couple became so famous that companies and holiday destinations would pay them to visit their establishments and post this on their site. What became dream of 75 destinations and now become a way of life.

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