Hi Sam, great question!
Quincy Larson

That is a fantastic idea. In my case, my tabs are split between tabs necessary for attacking a freeCodeCamp challenge (maybe 2–8 tabs including the page with my solution running) and maybe 3–5 Medium or other articles on coding I want to read, but are heavy enough it requires serious thought like on Promises/A+ or functional programming or whatever.

If I set aside the second group of tabs, I rarely get back to them. Same if I bookmark them. Ugh. (And I gave up on bookmarks decades ago mostly.) Stuff that goes into Pocket disappears, too.

I wish Opera let me stack tabs so I could save an entire group at once.

I also may have 6–12 tabs for some other outstanding TODO or research project, say a new kitchen appliance or whatever.

So my tabs split between active tasks and nice-to-read articles. And running separate browser windows for this is often awkward too.


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