Week of 19 June 2017


I spent an entire afternoon trying to discover how to test React components that `import` CSS files that take advantage of postcss plugins. As near as I can tell, Jest is the easiest way to accomplish this because it can integrate with `webpack`.

I intend to continue using `tape` for testing everywhere else. I prefer the simplicity.

As of 7/7 I am unemployed, so I shall have an abundance of time.

One cool snip

Whenever I think about generators in JavaScript, it reminds me of block yields in Ruby. So I always have an urge to do the following. In the generator, I alter the environment by temporarily silencing console.log. After the proper promise handler has run, I ensure that console.log is properly restored. A helper function makes it easier to invoke the generator. I’m sure this can be improved upon. Actually, I need to yield back a promise so I can call t.end() for tape. (This ultimately doesn’t quite do what I want, but it was interesting to work on anyway.)



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